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Medical Marijuana Week 2004 starts 2-15!

On the Verge of Victory – Help Push it Over the Edge!

National Medical Marijuana Awareness Week, from February 15th-23rd, is our chance to tip the balance in the battle for patients' rights.


Thanks to your help, National Medical Marijuana Awareness Week was a tremendous success in 2003. The actions of advocates raised awareness of the issues facing patients and the injustice of prosecutions. Great events across the country produced news stories in leading newspapers, network programs on patients and providers, and the launching of major national legislation. 

The momentum from last year's National Medical Marijuana Awareness Week has propelled dramatic advances in protecting patients' rights, with increasingly lenient federal sentences, major Constitutional victories in federal courts and more favorable laws proposed and enacted.

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The movement for safe and legal access to medical marijuana is gaining ground with a growing coalition. But we are at a critical moment. The achievements of the last year will come to nothing without further action. Medical Marijuana Awareness Week is our chance to be heard, to shine a light on the truth about a safe, effective medicine. The vast majority of Americans understand that the sick and suffering deserve legal access to marijuana if it helps them. Accelerating medical research holds enormous promise for patients suffering from many afflictions, and the medical community shows signs of a growing acceptance of cannabis therapy.

But not everyone knows about the advances in science or the ongoing injustice of federal prosecutions. We've won some battles but not the war. This is our chance to raise awareness even further.

Right in the middle of Medical Marijuana Awareness Week two caregivers in Los Angeles, Lynn and Judy Osburn, will be sentenced for helping provide medicine to the 1,000 patients who were served by the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center in West Hollywood, before a federal raid shut its doors in 2001.  Other patients and caregivers are facing prison in courts around the country. Our actions during Medical Marijuana Awareness Week can ensure that more good people will not go to prison.

On Wednesday, February 18, we ask everyone nationwide to send a "Thank You" or "Spank You" message to your congressional representative.

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Last summer we had a chance to see where each of our members stood when they voted on the Hinchey amendment to de-fund DEA attacks on patients. Those that did the right thing and voted Yes on the amendment deserve our praise. They also may need reminding that there are 2 bills they should co-sponsor that protect patients' rights. To see how your member voted, visit

Those that voted No on the Hinchey amendment need to be held accountable to their constituents. If your member of Congress is one of these, we need YOU to help organize a press event outside their local offices on February 18! Please call or write Hilary at 510-486-8083 or [email protected] if you can help. We'll provide all the materials and press support you need to make your event a success!

Other events planned in this time will ignite the movement. In the Bay Area, we already have a Medical Marijuana Filmfest planned, a kickoff 215 party, and a "Festival of Lighting Up" evening procession to shine the light on the gov't war on patients, and remember our POW's with a festive vigil of lighting up with fiery and lighted costumes and creations. We are having a Medical Marijuana School at UC Berkeley, and are planning actions at both VA Hospitals and non-supportive medical societies. You could do any of these in your own community, or whatever would move your local priorities forward!

Our best chance for real change is now. With your help 2004 will be the year that ends the persecution of patients and their caregivers.

Sunday, 2-15, MMJ Week Kick-off with community gatherings (at BPG in the Bay Area)

Monday, 2-16, " Festival of Lighting Up" candlelight vigil to remember POW's (in the Castro in San Francisco)

Tuesday, 2-17, Educate and spotlight HMO's in MMJ states that don't give medical recommendations for marijuana.

- Osburn sentencing in Los Angeles

- Evening: Medical Marijuana Filmfest! (in Oakland)

Wednesday, 2-18, - "Spank/Thank" press conferences in front of Congressional district offices (keep tuned for visual themes!)

Thursday, 2-19, Educate and spotlight chapter offices of disease-advocacy organizations that should be pushing harder for research and legal change on medical marijuana, such as the MS Society.

Friday, 2-20, Medical Marijuana School or other kind of educational event. Reach out to your community! (at UC Berkeley)

Saturday & Sunday, 2-21, 2-22, Fundraisers for continued organizing, strategy meetings for further action, activist workshops, street outreach, and celebrating our unity!

Call us at 510.486.8083 or email [email protected] and let us know what you’re planning!










Medical Pot Activists Plan Week of Events



February 22nd, 2003


Campus NORML Organizes Medical Marijuana Week
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“Medical Marijuana Week” Launched to Educate Public

Week to Highlight Patients’ Rights Nationwide

Information from Americans For Safe Access

Defend Medical Marijuana From The DEA

NATIONWIDE – Since Proposition 215 was the voter referendum that legalized Medical Marijuana in California, Americans for Safe Access has joined with other national groups to declare February 15 (215) a kickoff day for MEDICAL MARIJUANA WEEK. 

From Feb. 15 to 22, Medical Marijuana patients, providers, advocates and supporters across the US are planning a full week of public education events, press conferences, and creative actions to draw attention to the crisis facing patients’ and states’ rights. 

As the keystone activity of Medical Marijuana Week, on February 18 activists in more than 20 cities across the nation will “evict” the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for what Steph Sherer, director of Americans for Safe Access calls, “its criminal violations of medical marijuana patients’ and voters’ rights.” 

The National Day of Action is in protest to the federal charges faced by 40 medical marijuana patients and providers for implementing California state law, and the continued harassment and intimidation of legitimate medical marijuana patients by the threat of DEA attacks. 

Some examples of events planned:

* San Francisco – 2/15, noon press conference in front of Conservatory in Golden Gate Park. Local patients announce that they intend to plant 215,000 Medical Marijuana seeds on public lands. Ed Rosenthal will be speaking. For more information, Robyn 510-486-8083

* UC Berkeley & San Francisco State University – 2/19 Medical Marijuana Patients’ Forums, co-sponsored by Students for Sensible Drug Policy. For more information, Rebecca 818-632-2222.

* Olympia, WA – 2/15 Patients and doctors rally at State capitol. For more information, Jeremy 206-417-6266

* Washington DC – 2/18 Federal Court House on Penn Ave. at 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM- public outreach to inform jurors and the general public that they should acquit in any marijuana case because they are not going to be informed as to whether the person on trial is legitimately using or providing medical marijuana. For more information, Adam 202-232-8997

* Austin, TX - 2/18 Mock eviction in front of the Federal Building, 300 E. 8th St. from 12-1. A retired cop with LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, will serve an eviction notice and tape it on the building while he does his speech. NORML will talk about the joint petition regarding re-scheduling on marijuana. For more information, Karen 512-326-4396

Other mock evictions of the DEA will take place in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, Oakland, Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Jose, and Santa Ana, CA; Miami & Tampa, FL; Springfield, Boston, and Worcester, MA; Newark, NJ; Columbus, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Dallas & Houston, TX; Seattle, WA.. 

For more information on all these events, visit:  

or call 510-486-8083.

Here are some materials you could print out to help in your action:

Eviction Notice

Pledge of Resistance Cards in PDF Format

Marijuana Facts

DEA Lies

Pictures of Patients





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February 22nd,  2003

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State Pols Confront Feds on Pot
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 State Pols Push Congress on Medical Pot
Measure Would Add Medical Pot Defense
 Campus NORML Organizes Medical Marijuana Week
Protesters Evict DEA To Legalize Marijuana Use
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Bill Seeks To Provide Medical Pot Defense
 State Lawmakers Craft Bill on Pot Defense
Medical Pot Bill Rejects Jail
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U.S. Should Arrest Pain, Not People Who Relieve It
 Rx for Medical Marijuana - Prosecutors: Back Off
 Medical Marijuana Policy Change Urged
Pot Activists Want DEA Out of Oakland Building
When a Jury Should Just Say No
Help Save Ed
Costs of Enforcing Marijuana Laws
Mr. Attorney General, Listen To The Doctors
 Medical Pot Growers Find No Refuge from Feds
 Federal, State Laws Duel Over Pot
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Juror Regrets Oakland Pot Verdict
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Jurors in Pot Case Decry Their Own Verdict
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 Medical Pot Advocate Found Guilty
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Grower of Medical Marijuana Is Convicted
Jury Finds California Marijuana Guru Guilty
Guru of Ganja Convicted 
Guru of Ganja Convicted of Marijuana Cultivation
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Attempt to Silence Activist in MMJ Trial Fails
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 A Prejudicial Judge?
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Oakland Authority on Medical Pot Faces Trial
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Medical Issues, City Law Disallowed in Pot Trial
First Stage of Trial for Ed Rosenthal Underway
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 Selection of Jury in Pot Case Moved Up
 Dismissal Sought in Medical Pot Case


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